What We Do

At Dr. VK Sing, we offer a complete online presence for Dental Practitioners which starts with an award winning website. Our websites are designed and developed for dentists by dentists. Is a website critical to building your dental practice? Just ask one of our clients, NaturalSmiles.com…We’ve increased their patient conversion by over 500% with a website that automatically sells their services 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

Marketing For Dental Practitioners

Did you know that vast majority have no idea about which activities return a positive ROI (return on Investment), and do not understand which options would be perfect for their type of practice? A practitioner can spend a few hundred a month per a provider from both patients and doctors looking forward to doing business with them, but still incur a lost opportunity. You end up losing a valuable relationship from another healthcare facility, patient referral, and future referrals from friends among other opportunities. What you need is an immense online existence; referral management platform and online marketing would be of great help in such scenarios.

All healthcare practices need the appropriate kind of patients, competent and experienced staff, sources of revenues and a steady, professional referral network. But you cannot do all this by yourself. That is where a healthcare marketing partner comes in.

The best healthcare marketing helps your medical practices to establish more fruitful internet strategies, be it bariatric surgeons, plastic surgeons, ophthalmologists, fertility specialists, cosmetic dentists and other cash-pay practitioners. Your objectives and online needs should be met. Marketing sites should offer a full-service, soup-to-nuts worker of remarkable business solutions that will assist your practice to prosper and help you attain your full potential. You should be able to get your practice to where you want by being located by more local patients on Google, raising your social media profile or adding a video to your website.

It does not matter if you attend webinar, a Practice Builders strategic healthcare marketing workshop or have the marketer visit your practice for an onsite consultation. At the end of it all you will acquire a detailed strategic healthcare marketing plan that will furnish a road map to your practice marketing success. You will learn easy and proven-to-implement marketing strategies that will boost profits and take your practice to the next level.

Marketing can be a success or failure for medical or dental practice. Most fail because they have a one-sided notion of what marketing is (TV or print). They leave out key marketing strategies that drive patients through the door. The most underutilized technique is online healthcare marketing. Healthcare marketing involves a complicated web of strategies to create a campaign that will be interesting. We recently consulted with Natural Smiles, a dentist in Salem, Oregon to create an online giveaway that tied in their website blog and social media pages such as Facebook. A well-written content (video, blogs, text, etc.) can be posted on your site as well as other blogs that Google votes and believes to be important.

Medical and Dental Marketing for Referrals can also be of great help. Instead of faxing and triplicate forms you can use electronic referral program to keep records of your referral colleagues and pinpoint tendency in their referral patterns. It saves the hassle of paper, saves you money and time as it connects with other users of the software.